The main character, Juan, has an access to three classes.

His companions may have unique classes.


Mercenary (Common class)

Weapon(s): Sword, Mace

Armor: Heavy + helmet + feet

Shield: Large shield

Accessory slot: 1


Level 2 Taunt  
Level 6 Guard stance  Def up
Level 10 Heavy blow  
Level 10 Basic slash  
Level 25 Heavy blow 2  
Level 25 Basic slash 2  
Level 30 Plan B  Self regen
Level 40 Deft blow  
Level 40 Quick double slash  
Level 50 Steel stance Upgrades Guard stance + Plan B
Level 60 OMFG Ultimate mace skill
Level 60 Thousand cuts Ultimate sword skill

This class is your tank in the game. It has no AoE skills and its skillset focuses on survival and DoT. While this class is not meant to do any significant damage, when your defense gets stupidly high, you could duke out. DoT from mace is respectible as well.

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