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Sue (24 years old)

Now married to Juan, she has settled down in post apocalyptic Ezona. Being one of few who are capable of hard combat, Jack tasks her with the ultimate quest of ensuring survival of remnant survivors.

Juan (23 years old)

Sue's husband. Young but battered beyond full recovery, he has now retired to combat, spending his days at his home most of time.

Baba (43 years old)

A old veteran who is originally from Leona's guild. With Leona fallen too ill, he now works for Jack. Like Sue, he is one of few who is a capable fighter. Therefore, Jack asks him to join Sue for the ultimate quest of saving mankind.

He is not very talkative.

P.S. He is the only character who can be played in all three Bhavackara series.

Ssiet (20 years old, windowed)

Although young, she's windowed, and although young, she is a genius alchemist. Very matured for her age, she is rescued by Sue before it's too late.

Being a fine doctor, Sue asks her to heal Juan.

Jack (48 years old, nicknamed "Maddog" in his young days)

He may have retired from combat, but he is still a smartass. He was the mastermind behind preserving Ezona from total destruction and is now tasked to ensure survival of human race.

Akatoob (37 years old)

He is Jack's strategist and he was the one responsible for making Jack a king for a brief period before the hell broke loose.

He is an extremely talented fire mage and is also the last defense of Ezona. Therefore, he is unable to assist Sue and Co.


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