💥Warring era arc

Warring era arc sits from year 9670 to 9999

This arc contains stories after the breakup of United Sol in Shattered union arc. Therefore, having a good understanding of Shattered union arc is prerequisite.

[Warring era arc] [1] [Crossroad] [9670].pdf

[Warring era arc] [2] [Lawful runaway] [9672].pdf

[Warring era arc] [3] [Legacies] [9671].pdf

[Warring era arc] [4] [Spacefarers] [9671].pdf

[Warring era arc] [5] [I will not falter] [9674].pdf

[Warring era arc] [6] [Literal hell] [9670].pdf

[Warring era arc] [7] [To my daughter] [9684].pdf