TC Kain+

This project has been cancelled. Its successor is remade in RPG Maker MV.

Two Clusters Kain arc plus or TC Kain+ in short is an evolved form of TC Kain, the visual novel.

It is built on Unity3D game engine and, therefore, I am not restricted to only 2D images and text. TC Kain+ will still retain the visual novel form but a major difference will be an addition of space battles.

Because it is built with Unity3D, web play is no longer feasible.


TC Kain+ is about a group of four people who are engulfed in wars and politics.

Kain, Suu, Magenta, and Juron are the main characters.

Kain is a broke ex-journalist who is forced to join Sol navy to make a living.

Suu is a rich and famous man's daughter who thrives to achieve her father's goal.

Magenta is a spy/assassin who is originally sent to watch on Kain but end up siding with him.

Juron is a disgruntled ESP who is deeply angry with the social structure.

This game will portray their stories.


This game is episodic. I foresaw about 20 episodes total when I planned this game. Currently, 9 episodes are complete.

Space battles

Space battle is a major addition to this visual novel. I wasn't happy with the visual novel being just a visual novel and thought ways to expand the game on it. Tyranobuilder was way too limited in what it could do and, therefore, I began my research on a new engine.

The next engine I looked at was Ren'Py engine. It's an open source popular visual novel engine. I saw possibilities with it but, since I wasn't a coder, I was unable to do what I wanted to do with Ren'Py.

The next engine I looked at was Unity. It's a game engine largely for 3D but I saw examples of 2D games made with it and saw clear possibilities. Furthermore, since it is popular, its asset store is rich with contents and I found frameworks that I wanted, meaning I didn't need to be good at coding to begin.

Additionally, I was already very familiar with Blender, an open source all-in-one 3D application and I've already been modeling spaceships, planets, buildings, etc in 3D as a hobby, meaning I had assets to use. Therefore, the decision to choose Unity was easier.

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