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  3. Monday, 10 July 2017
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Patch note version 1.0.1
Post game will be Bhavacakra 2. There are several reasons for this. A major reason was my desire to increase the game resolution to 720p so that I could add bust images.
Another was a battle plugin that has become obsolete. (YEP CTB plugin)
There are numerous other reasons but this would get too long.

1. There were some unassigned (unused) NPCs in the village Myzer. They’ve been removed.

2. A bug in a side quest during plot 3 would take you to pre-war location. This side quest is available both in pre-war and plot 3 and I apparently didn’t check it thorough enough. This has been fixed.

3. Added a message that postgame will be Bhavacakra 2 in the postgame home.

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