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  3. Tuesday, 30 May 2017
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Patch note version 1.0.0

1. So, this is it. Full 1.0.0 version. The game is now officially released. Again, minor adjustments were made here and there although nothing was significant. No quest was added although few were modified.

2. Maco’s age has been altered. Her CG portrait has also been greatly improved. Originally, she was introduced as a 32 year-old. But she has been given extra 5 years, making her 37 years old. This change has been reflected by her profile in the game and in dialog. The reason for her earning extra 5 years is due to a possibility of Bhavacakra Adventures which is a new game that sets itself 20 years prior Bhavacakara. Maco is the main character in the game.

3. Although I claimed that the game had 100+ side quests, I found out that it had only 94 side quests when I was creating a spoiler free side quest list. Game description adjusted to reflect that. Now, it will say 90+ side quests. It will eventually have 100+ quests however once post game world gets going.

4. Spoiler free (side) quest list has been made and uploaded to the forum which you can access by entering “Bug report” on main menu. It’s just a list without any tips at all.

5. Post game world will probably be as large as how big plot 3 was. A working version is planned for 1.1.0.

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