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  3. Tuesday, 15 August 2017
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Patch note version 1.1.0
A large update.
I decided to cancel Bhavacakra 2 (post game) and stick with this. Therefore, I needed to lay groundworks for post game expansion.
And this update lays groundwork for upcoming postgame expansion. JS files were updated (Which I had refused to do in fear of breaking things) and new assets were added.

1. Game resolution has been increased to 1050 x 650 pixel. While this is short of 720p I prefer, this resolution is a compromise. It’s a small increase enough for me not to re-do all hundreds of dialog right away, yet it provides more space for text and combat.

2. With the resolution increase, titlescreen CG has been replaced. Also, most of Cgs (including battlebacks) have been re-rendered to fit the new resolution.

3. Jack and Akatoob sprites were updated along with their CG faces.

4. Sue’s shooting star skill has a new animation.

5. If you’ve finished the game, you can now finally leave the home and see the new Ezona. You can’t leave Ezona yet however and Ezona itself isn’t complete. (You will get a cut scene.)

6. Characters in battle will no longer show an animation, thus giving a delay, when using skills. This had me annoyed for a while but I couldn’t find a solution until I started to work on Bhavacakra Adventures.

7. It looks like I left door sound on most of entries/exits in early part of the game. I think I removed most of them.

8. Capital of Baldar has been relocated slightly. It was on a wrong location (lore wise).

9. Capital cities are now using custom tilesets on world map.

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