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  3. Wednesday, 16 August 2017
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Patch note version 1.1.1
This is an emergency bug-fix release. Someone has been diligently reporting bugs for me, thank you.

1. Jordin blacksmith guild at Hyurps was found not melting MQ black iron ore. It’s been straightened out.

2. One of quests from Cyro police, Miracle powder, had its quest NPC appearing without triggering the quest, thus potentially bugging its entire quest if a player triggered him outside of the quest. He’s been told to hide.

3. A tileset mishap on my part allowed a player to skip Bruroke pirate reputation requirement and directly talk to the boss. It’s been corrected.

With those three bug fixes out of the way, here is content update.

1. Using First Seed Material tileset, Tobas and Mont have been redesigned. Replacing the stock tileset with FSM and others is my long term goal. Those two were chosen because they were small and were associated with little quests.

2. Mercenary’s guard & steel stance have been altered. I felt it was too overpowered. The new guard/steel stances now work like this. They last 3 turns and one cannot act at all during. In return, it gives massive damage reduction (Originally the skills simply increased defense.) and counterattack.

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