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  3. Friday, 20 October 2017
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Patch note version 1.1.11

Some new skills were added for Shelna and Ssiet. Do note that, if your characters are already past the level they learn the skills at, you are out of luck. In such a case, go to Juan & Sue’s home and use a basket of water in portal room to reset EXP.

Additionally, random enemy encounter is being phased out for later part of post-game. Players who made it this far should have 50+ hours into the game. Levels and gears should no longer be an issue. I am letting them skip battles if they wish. There will be few unavoidable battles though.

1. Some progress in post game along with a boss battle. With this update, post game is 50% done. Expect some twists in this update and future.

2. The final optional party member, Voyin, can be found in the Dead Forest in post game.

3. Shelna’s skill had Equa’s name in them. It’s been corrected.

4. Some progress in Healing Juan side quest.

5. A new skill for Ssiet: Big grade B healing flask (65).

6. Two new skills for Shelna added: Nail hurricane (75) and MEOW (80).

7. Some bug fixes in plot 3.

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