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  3. Thursday, 15 March 2018
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Patch note version 0.0.1 remake - Download

I’ve decided to remake the game. The major reason for this is that I’ve started making my own tilesets with my own sprites.

Plot and game features will remain the same. I simply need to recreate the game world and sprites with my own tileset.
Another aspect that will change is that World map will be gone instead players will be required to travel zones to reach destinations which means instant travel carriages might come useful.

Random encounters will also be phased out in favor of on map contact encounters.
As a result, version number has gone down to 0.0.1 and I’ve added “remake” at the end.

Legacy 0.3.3 will still be available for download.

1. This remake version adds remodeled Loche and Eton and a road zone between them. There is no game content to be played at this point. It’s basically a tech demo at the moment.

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