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  3. Sunday, 04 June 2017
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Patch note version 0.0.2

Welcome to the first patch note for Bhavacakra Adventures. This game revolves around Jack and Leona’s guild in Eton. And my grand plan for it is to have 10 different guild members to recruit.
As of 0.0.2, five are available: Jasmin, Kesper, Gilbert, Gwynt, and Jack.
All of them have proper CG portrait, profile, and conversation images. What I don’t have is their personal quests and stories.

As this is only version 0.0.2, nothing really is completed. For the moment, my primary goal is to complete (or remake) Etonia. In doing so, I will add quests.
Unlike original Bhavacakra, I am paying a lot of attention on equipment and other minor details.
All characters as well as monsters have elemental weakness as well.

Now, allow me to introduce the guild members. They are the real stars in this game. Some of the Guild members are dysfunctional and it is up to Maco to fix them up optionally.
Below is guild member profiles who are currently available in the build. I will eventually make a separate file for the guild later.

1. Jack is the same Jack you may have met in original Bhavacakra. Obviously, he is 20 years younger in this version. He is very strong from get-go. You can’t improve him anyway. He is already a complete character.
2. Jasmin is a hunter. She isn’t that good of a hunter and she has joined the guild only to find a rich guy to score and get married. While weak, she has potential. Her weak attack must be offset by using her critical boost skills.
3. Kesper is probably the most broken member you will run into. His absurd timidness has made him a nice tank but that’s as far as his usefulness will go. Fix him up if you like. All of his attacks are AoE and his class isn’t actually a tank.
4. Gilbert is a shieldbearer which is a utility and support class. He has no physical attack and all of his skills are support. He is pretty much the opposite of Kesper. He is a tank but enemies ignore him due to his weak presence. But this guy isn’t as dysfunctional and is useful from start. Improving him will allow him to learn more Earth spells as well as taunting to improve his weak presence. Due to his gloomy character, he is extremely vulnerable to light spells.
5. Gwynt is a wind mage. Her skills are purely for offense. Improving her won’t yield much of a result other than few support spells. Arrogant and self-centered.

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