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  3. Wednesday, 07 June 2017
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Patch note version 0.0.3
Please note that it’s only 0.0.3. The game has little contents to offer and a lot of things just aren’t there. Still, it should have a good hour of gameplay due to needing to grind some levels.

1. Having said that, the two guild quests have been fully implemented. (Dolle forest clear up & Salt shortage)

2. A new guild member, Paranta, has been added. Paranta is a healer. You will want her ASAP despite of her flaws. She is an expelled nurse from Cyro hospital and is a street medic. All of her healing skills carry a drawback. For an example, her healing spells will poison also. Despite of such flaws, you will want her since healing is hard to come by in early stage. She is actually a water mage and can teach Maco healing spells later on. You can also improve her by doing her quests which will remove the drawbacks from her skills. (Her quest is incomplete.)

3. I’ve created a small forest dungeon by Dolle. It’s the same location where Dolle forest clear up guild quest is but players may go deeper.

4. Access to Alcella is established although only Valura is accessible at the moment. In order to maintain distinctive appearances of different nations, I am going to use a different tileset for Alcella cities.

5. Forest battleback is fully custom.

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