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  3. Monday, 12 June 2017
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Patch note version 0.0.4
Please note that it’s only 0.0.4. However, the early stage of the game is solid now and is playable. Restart is required if you have save files from early version due to class rebalance and new switches for chapter system.

1. I’ve decided to implement chapter system. Chapters won’t restrict you on freedom of movement but it will restrict you the pool of available guild members to recruit. Chapters will be advanced by taking on important guild quests and they will be used to advance time in the game.

2. Deputy guildmaster, Leona, has been added. She makes the seventh member out of ten I’ve planned originally.

3. The other three remaining guild members are internally complete but they won’t be available in the beginning. They are Thorn (Assassin), Baba (Bandit), and Akatoob (Fire mage). There may be further members.

4. Sewer custom (Valura) battletback added.

5. House interior custom battleback added.

6. A new guild mission “Lord Boar” added.

7. A new guild mission “Lost earring” added.

8. A new guild mission “Mouse infestation” added.

9. A side quest “Suugi style 1” added.

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