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  3. Saturday, 17 June 2017
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Patch note version 0.1.0
With 0.1.0, chapter 1 is now completed. It now has about 3 hours of gameplay at the moment.
Gameworld wise, Etonia is about 50% complete and Cizna is slowly opening up now. You will find a lot of unassigned blank NPCs for the time being.

1. Chapter 1 story quest “Peacemaker” added.

2. Chapter 2 guild mission “Recon” added.

3. Chapter 2 guild mission “Ambushed” added.

4. Jasmin’s first personal quest “Salty reality” added. This quest requires chapter 2, Jasmin level 11+, and having her in your party 5 times during your guild missions.

5. Gywnt’s face has been completely reworked. She is now much more anime-like and probably more likable this way.

6. Paranta recruit quest can now be completed since Cyro has become somewhat functional.

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