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  3. Saturday, 24 June 2017
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Patch note version 0.1.1

Restart is again required due to skill changes. Skills are being finalized for characters. I am hoping this is the last time a restart is required but, as the game is still in very early stage, it should be understandable.
The title screen has been improved with a wagon in background. The title screen should eventually contain all four members seen from the logo.
1/4 of game world is open now although only few places are completed.

1. Eleventh recruitable member “Sahko” has been added. Her class is Lightning mage and she is found at Alca scholar’s guild initially.

2. Twelfth recruitable member “Maeve” has been added. Her class is Nurse and found in Cyro hospital. She is an alternative choice to Pranta who is often not available due to chapter restrictions.

3. Chapter 2 guild mission “Wood witch” added.

4. Chapter 2 guild mission “Hot research” added.

5. Chapter 2 guild mission “Gift gone wrong” added.

6. Chapter 2 story mission “The fire” added.

7. Chapter 3 guild mission “Thinning the ranks” added.

8. Leatherworker shop in Ryin has updated its wares.

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