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  3. Monday, 25 September 2017
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Patch note version 0.1.10

A plan to change sprite appearance according to which armor one is wearing is being implemented. For this patch, only Maco will change her appearance according to her armor. Currently, this has no affection on bust images, and because I have no idea how I’d get bust image work with this system, I might remove bust images all together.
The whole system will potentially require a very large amount of work due to the number of available companions you can recruit. Therefore, I do not plan to do this for head gears.
This system is activated by either starting a new game or visiting Marat’s weapon shop in Eton.

1. Maco has 5 sprite appearances according to her armor: Robe, fancy robe, tunic/leather, breastplate, and chainmail versions. Note that her avatar doesn’t change accordingly yet except for breastplate and chainmail. I will need to model other clothes for her.

2. Jordin village, Tito, is now open. Baldarian cities, Korroros & Lith , are also open. With these three open, outside world is nearly done. I have around 4 more settlements to design.

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