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  3. Tuesday, 18 July 2017
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Patch note version 0.1.4
This is a large update.
Chapter 3 ends what I called “Red Turban arc” internally. The next arc is “Jack’s ambition arc”, showing Jack’s darker side.
Chapter 4 opens up most of companion options (Jack and Leona are the only ones locked). It also starts to open up the first side quest arc. “Yellow hood bandits (YHB) arc” can be started in Cyro police station. More arcs will be open as chapters advance.
The perverted city Vollin is now functional.

1. A friendship meter reader is available in Maco’s shack after chapter 3.

2. Chapter 3 guild mission “Spider-something” added.

3. Chapter 3 story mission “Broken wings” added. And with this, chapter 3 is complete.

4. Chapter 4 guild mission “Golem core” added.

5. The first two quests in Yellow hood bandits(YHB) arc can be started from Cyro police station: YHB(1) – the gangsta & YHB(2) – the real gangsta. Requirement to start is chapter 4.
6. Jack’s CG has been re-rendered.

7. Baba’s CG has been re-rendered.

8. Custom desert battleback added. (Mostly for Baldar continent)

9. Pranta’s first personal quest “Thou who cureth can maketh ill (1)” added. This quest also activates “Suspicions” side quest which will lead to a whole new arc later. (Werewolves arc)

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