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Patch note version 0.1.8
Restarting the game is required due to massive changes.

>Armor change
Body armors will lose all of their defense and magic defense values. Instead, they will reduce incoming damage by percentage.
In addition to this, simple physical damage has been categorized.
1. Slash damage (Sword, etc)
2. Blunt damage (Mace and such)
3. Piercing damage (Spear, bow, and such)
It’s important to note that monsters will use these damage types as well. Humanoid opponents will likely use slash while animals/monsters are likely to use either blunt or pierce.

>Magic will change as well slightly.

Fire: Can apply “burn” debuff which is damage over time.
Water: Can apply “wet” debuff which doesn’t do anything by itself other than providing immunity from burn effect.
Ice: Can apply “freezing” debuff which EVA/agi debuff.
Earth: Can apply “concussion” or “bleed” debuff.
Lightning: Can apply “shock” debuff. Will do more damage with targets with “wet” debuff.
Wind: Can apply “concussion” or “blind” debuff.
Now, allow me to give you an example of new body armors values.


I consider Holy and dark damage as special and every character/creature in the game has their own neutral resists.

Additionally, the reason a plate armor offers so little protection against blunt damage is that a blunt weapon could put a dent on such armors which will hurt its wearer. And there is concussion damage which bypasses armor. A cloth or leather armor are going to give more protection against such damages.
There will also be more specialized armors such as Alcella wool tunic.
Finally, some spells will do one of the physical damage instead. A good example is Spear of Earth spell that is Earth based but does pierce damage. Another is ice spike spell that will do pierce.
Basically, any magic that deals with physical mass can have some specialized spells that will do either blunt or pierce damage.

Above change also means plate mail isn’t an answer to everything. Now, you can’t just equip the heaviest armor you can find and play on without further tinkering.

Because RPG Maker MV won’t display those by default, the values will be in item description instead.
For an example:
Slash 10%/ Blunt 30%/ Pierce 0%/ Fire -20%/ Water 20%/ Ice 20%/ Earth 20%/ Wind 10%/ Thunder 80%
Since I won’t be able to put all that into armor description, below will be used.
S 10/ B 30/ P 0/ F -20/ Wa 20/ I 20/ E 20/ Wi 10/ T 80

Other armor parts, such as helmet, gloves and boots, will give a small defense value along with other buffs. For an example, gloves will give hit chance buff while helmet may resist blind. Boots may give agi buff.

>Armor modifications

Armor modifications will go into accessories slot. For an example, there is an “insulating leather” armor mod available in a shop. Equipping it will reduce fire and thunder damage by a small percentage. More armor mods will be added in later patches.

1. With above armor changes, restart is required. All armor values have been altered and some armors were removed. Further tweaking of armor resistances will be needed but, for the time being, the foundation has been laid.

2. Bella of Cizna and Langt of Jordin are now open.

3. Inder of Alcella is now open which makes Alcella as whole complete as far as outside is concerned.

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