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  3. Thursday, 28 September 2017
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Patch note version 0.2.0

I actually found a way to do dynamic bust images by using Himework’s placeholder face image plug in. So, bust images are staying.
With all conventional places open, the game version reaches 0.2. There have been three major alterations to the game from 0.1 to 0.2.
First is the body armor change which now goes by percentage in 11 different damage categories. This is actually the first step of an overhaul.
Second is dynamic appearance change which currently applies only to Maco.
Third is implementation is sea travel.

At the moment, the game is fully playable up to chapter 3 which should provide 3 ~ 5 hours of gameplay content. Almost all accessible places are now open as of version 0.2 although more than half are empty at the moment.

1. Maco’s sprite alternation is fully implemented. Depending on what she wears on her body slot, her avatar and ingame sprite will change accordingly. There are five variations: Robe, fancy robe, tunic/leather, breastpiece, and chainmail. This change also applies to face images in conversations as well as bust images.

2. This system actually opens up some options for me like being able to dress pretty or sexy as well as swimsuit options which could allow events like a swimsuit contest. But this is not my priority at this point of development.

3. The first phase of ship travel is being implemented. When you buy ferry tickets and used them, it was a simple instant teleportation to your destination. Now, the ship will manually take you to your destination, giving you more immersion and a chance to look at surroundings on sea. Maco will eventually be able to purchase her own ship if all goes according to the plans.

4. Jordian cities, Hyur & Baerinn, are open. With these two, Jordin is complete.

5. Baldarian cities, Lith & Zorm, are now open. Baldar is now fully open.

6. Chapter 4 guild quest “Rape case” has been added. This quest has three outcomes with two different rewards.
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