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  3. Tuesday, 10 October 2017
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Patch note version 0.2.2

Further foundation for ship voyage feature. Ship titleset has been added.
In final version, the ship will cost 2 millions, but in this early stage of development, imposing the high price would be pointless, so it will cost 20,000g.
I think the ship purchase can make it in 0.2.3.

1. Chapter 5 guild mission “A choice” has been added. This quest could lead to a romance option for Maco. If so, he is going to get his own CG face and body and he could become yet another recruitable character.

2. Chapter 5 guild mission “Money talks” has been added.

3. YHB side quest 3 “Searching for something” has been added.

4. I don’t add this to patch notes generally, but with each update, I gradually add more NPCs and assign them. In this patch, Alderin NPCs were looked at.

5. Some bug fixes.

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