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  3. Friday, 13 October 2017
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Patch note version 0.2.3

This is a fairly lengthy update.

Once you finish chapter 5, visiting Ezona again and meeting Jack, who is now a mayor, will enable ship voyages, provided that you have the money to purchase one.
As mentioned in the previous patch note, the original ship purchase cost is 2,000,000g. But in this early development phase, the cost will be only 20,000g.
Crew is not implemented. Supply feature is functional but not perfected. The ship will take you to uncivilized places in the game world which are mostly end-game dungeons.
Some exceptions apply where there will be a pistol development guest from Jordin guild. (Hint: Maco with a pistol and some select characters will be able to upgrade their classes.)

As mentioned, crew feature is not yet implemented. A navi is all you need to sail a ship. Crew feature is directly related to sea monsters and perhaps Bruroke pirates. And not all recruitable members will welcome sea life as well as melee being useless on sea. So, this is just a beginning.

All in all, the ship voyage will open a whole new world of content for the game.

1. Chapter 5 can now be completed. Ship voyage is enabled but you have no place to go at the moment.

2. Accessory novel: girl’s diary has had its INT boost reduced to 50 instead of 200.

3. Body armor modifications now have its own slot in “Armor mod”. You can no longer equip more than one armor modifications. And two new armor mods have been added.

4. New skill “Armor break (Pierce)” added to Leona (lvl 37) and Thorn (lvl 35).

5. Side quest “Where is Akatoob?” added.

6. Melee skill in general has been slightly boosted by approximately 10%.

7. BGM has been added to Alderin. The same BGM is used for Valura

8. Ezona has its own BGM now.

9. World map BGM has been added.

10. Battle and victory BGM have been added.

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