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  3. Thursday, 16 November 2017
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Patch note version 0.3.0

There is actually no game content added but two major changes and another major change is in progress.

New quest plugin

I was using Gamus’s guest plugin and I was okay with it. I felt it could be better but there was nothing better. When I encountered news that Yanfly released his own quest plugin, my mind was already set on changing.
Changing the quest plugin midway into the game meant I had to go through every plugin command lines and alter them. But it has been done. I am now able to add small tips to quest logs as well as several improvements.
This, of course, means a new start is required.

Matured ship supply consumption system

The original ship supply consumption system was a series of common events linked together without any plugin. I didn’t use a plugin because I didn’t know one I needed existed.
While I was working on my other project, I came across a plugin I could use to improve the system. But implementing it would require a restart. Then since I was already implementing a new quest plugin, this was a no-brainer.

New icons (in progress)

I didn’t really intended to change the icons but I came across an inexpensive but quality pack which really suited my needs. I am making some on my own as well. On 0.3, you will see some changes on icons. More will be replaced later on.

All in all, those two major changes meant I decided to move on from 0.2 and version reaches 0.3.
Minor changes are noted as below.

1. Maco’s party no longer disbands upon turning in a quest. Now, when you turn in more than one quests, you won’t missing out friendship increase.

2. Rest skill (Guard) now gifts the user 20% in evasion, helping actors to survive until a heal comes in.

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