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  3. Tuesday, 28 November 2017
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Patch note version 0.3.1

As per my internal roadmap, version 0.3.x will focus on custom menu as well as cosmetic stuff.

1. The first custom menu background has been added. It’s viewable on load and option menu. The others are just placeholders at the moment.

2. A side quest “The wild side of wool” has been added to the wool shop in Alca.

3. Chapter 6 guild mission “To Ugi isle!” has been added.

4. Shops now have their own background images. Most will be generic images but few will be unique like Marat’s weapon shop in Eton. This feature unfortunately conflicts with buy-only traders. Therefore, I’ve disabled it and there is no more trading posts in settlements. Instead, they will act like pawn shops, buying every junk you have. I’ve made it so that you can only sell stuff at the pawn shops.

5. And more new icons to replace old ones.

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