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Maco (17 years old)

Maco is a pretender to the title of Loche chieftain,a position that is officially recognized by Etonian royals. Not wanting to contest the title with her elder brother who is 11 years senior, she eventually chooses to leave Loche behind.

In order to make a living, she joins Jack and Leona's guild.
And thus her adventure begins.

Jack (26 years old)

The mayor Jack seen in original Bhavacakra.

He is a mercenary ace and Leona's lover. He is a man of many talents. Due to his relationship with Leona, he is de facto #2 at the guild. 26 years old at the start of the game.

Leona (25 years old)

Eton guild's deputy leader, Leona.

She is determined with her righteous cause to help commoners, an ideal which she shares with her lover, Jack. However, Jack's version of the ideal is slightly different and their relationship becomes troubled later on.

Akatoob (14 years old)

His merchant father was killed by Red Turban bandits in early game and was forced to join the guild for shelter.

Although highly talented in magic, desire for bloody revenge troubles his mind..

Sion (66 years old)

She has served the guild for 49 years and is the longest serving member. In her youth, she acted as a healer and retired when she reached 52.

Since her retirement, she has been working as the secretary of the guild, tracking available quests and handing out rewards accordingly.