Etonia was founded by Ansgar Eton.
Its government is traditional monarchy with a nobility system which is almost identical to our federalism.

Etonian nobility system

Under Etonian nobility system, females are not fully recognized as nobles. The only ways for them to be recognized as nobles are -

One, she is not an adult. (But parents are noble obviously.)
Two, she is married to a noble.

Few exceptions exist where there is no male heir in a noble family. In such a case, a female heir is allowed to retain her nobility even if she is not married to a noble when she comes of age. In such a case, she is allowed to marry a commoner to carry on her noble bloodline.

However, this exception applies for one generation only. If the female heir fails to produce a male heir, then her noble bloodline will cease to exist upon her demise.

A widowed noblewoman are recognized as a noble only if she has a son(s).

Etonian's nobility rules are the de facto system in the world of Bhavacakra. Alcella, Jordin, and Baldar all follow Etonian nobility system. Cizna is an exception since they are a republic where nobility does not exist.


Etonia is known for its fortresses and is the only nation where they maintain a few dedicated fortresses. Legends say that Ansgar used walls to defend his home from invading demons.
Rightfully so, walls are highly regarded within the nation, and their armies have a tendency to deploy a defensive tactic.


Etonia has the most fertile lands out of all nations. Therefore, they are predominantly an agriculture society. They produce the most amount of wheats, hides, and cured meats.
In other words, food has never been their issue.

Additionally, Etonia have the most forests as well. One of their settlements, Dolle, is dedicated to lumbers in fact.

However, it's worthwhile to mention that Western Etonia, specifically lands around Ezona is arid and can only support potato.