Eton is the capital of Etonia. With population of approximately 7,000 people, it has the most population of all settlements in Etonia.

In the world, its population is ranked third.

Originally, the city was founded by Ansgar Eton, the first king of Etonia. According to records, the initial population of Eton was 20 people.

The city has always been ruled by the Eton family.

It’s worthwhile to mention that Eton has a sewer system. It wasn’t built by them. It was already present when they settled down, meaning this sewer system was from a previous civilization. They also have running water, a feature of the sewer system.

There is only one other city that has a proper sewer system like Eton’s. That is Cyro of Cizna.


Eton as whole is a consumer. It’s also a trade hub. Thus, the city imports and does not export anything at all.

About 10% of population work in agriculture. Their produce isn’t enough to feed the whole population however. What’s required is imported from Ryin, a farming town.

A good portion of the population is nobles and their staffs such as butlers and maids.

Another factor in driving economy of Eton is the guild which employs about 20 direct members. The guild creates indirect jobs for supplies and whatnot. Overall, the guild has a rather important role to make overall city economy tick.

Eton tavern has an important role as well. It’s capable of housing hundreds of customers at once and even runs an inn business, prostitution included.

Bad blood with Ryin

Eton’s relationship with its neighboring town Ryin has been deteriorating due to populace of Eton looking down on them as mere slaves to farm them food.

Eton’s view on Loche

Populace of Eton is generally not aware that Loche even exists. Only the guild members are aware of the village.