Loche is a small village with population of approximately 100.

While it is an insignificant village, it is one of founding settlements of Etonia. It has seen better days sadly. The village continues to decline under Marco's rule.

The village was originally founded by Derek Loche who was one of original companions of the founder of Etonia, Ansgar Eton. Initially, the village provided much needed lumber and hide. As other settlements were established, its role started to diminish.

By time of Bhavacakra games, Loche is nothing more than a distant memory for many. Regardless, the seat of Loche mayor is still recognized by Etonian monarchy. Thus, the Loche is a proper noble family.
Although only known to few, the village does not pay any tax to Etonian monarchy.

It's interesting to note that the village has no guards at all. Public order is kept by its own inhabitants. This system is possible probably due to its small population and having a tight knit community. Additionally, being a hunter community, most if not all members of the community are combat-capable.

There is a single grocery store in the village which acts as a trading post for the entire community.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Pop: 100
📦Export: Leather