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Psycho Suisei

Hoshimachi Suisei is a Hololive JP vtuber.

A bit of a history lesson

Hoshimachi Suisei is probably the only one who managed to keep her original avatar when she joined Hololive. Under normal circumstances, anyone who joins Hololive is forced to abandon their old persona and adopt a new one provided by Hololive.
In my knowledge, Suisei is the only one who kept her original persona. She created her own 3D avatar, rigged it on her own, and did her own video edits when starting out. Alas, a vtuber without any 3rd party exposure is really hard to start out, and rightfully so, she struggled badly when starting out.

When she finally joined a Hololive branch InoNaka music in 2018, she probably felt that she was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Well, that didn’t happen. IonNaka music didn’t support her much, and she withered.

Eventually, she met with A-chan (A manager of Hololive main branch) and expressed a desire to quit, at which point A-chan swiftly transferred her to Hololive main branch, the vtuber branch. It was only then she started to gain traction.

Steller Steller


Most, if not all, vtubers have an ability to sing pretty well. But Suisei is off the mark when it comes to singing. Her original song, Steller Steller, moved me genuinely. Its lyrics tell the ordeals she had to endure to be where she is as a vtuber.
If you are aware of her hardships, this song really hits where it hurts.

General activities as a vtuber

She streams frequently although none of them is long. The average runtime for her stream is 1 ~ 2 hours with exceptions coming from collabs. She gets along especially well with Sakura “Elite” Miko. They had live concerts together even, singing Steller Steller. In fact, Miko’s favorite song is Steller Steller. She is a fellow vtuber from Hololive who shares similar hardships as Suisei.
Suisei_2 Her streams are a mix of superchat, gaming, and singing which is about what you expect from a vtuber. But I feel it’s important to mention that she is a genuine singer. A lot of times, I feel vtubers release albums because they feel they must. In Suisei’s case, it was a natural progression for her. After all, she was initially recruited into a music branch of Hololive. She was meant to sing in the first place.

Psycho Suisei


She has adopted a psycho persona in gaming collabs especially in co-op games where a player can play as a villain. When her psycho mode is on, her voice changes, and she does sound genuinely psycho. Thus, she has earned the nickname, Psycho Suisei.
Psycho Suisei has been even implmented in Holocure game where her maxed out weapon is a bloody axe that guarantees critical hits.