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Regis, the pastor

Regis Altare is …
Well, he is a bit complicated to explain. Let’s just say that he is a male vtuber of Hololive. He is also the only male vtuber I am subscribed to because of one simple reason: He is the best person to collaborate with Kobo Kanaeru. No one does it better with Kobo.

Who is this Regis?

Technically speaking, he belongs to Holostars Tempus, basically a male branch of Hololive. Two members (out of eight) from Tempus have already graduated at this point.
Given the fact that the members of Tempus made their debuts in the middle of 2022, you can tell that this branch is not doing well. (It is 2023 September at the time of this entry).

Why am I subbed to Regis specifically?

Here is the thing, vtubers are mostly females and they do not collab with male vtubers because doing so displeases their audience. The weebs prefer their idol (female) vtubers remain “virgin” so to speak. This is especially prominent among Hololive JP (female) members. You will rarely see, if ever at all, them collab with any male Hololive vtubers.
(Female) Members of Hololive-EN and ID are more open in this regard. With Mori Calliope having done a few collabs with Tempus members. Among them, it is Kobo Kanaeru who seems to collaborate with members of Tempus often. In fact, she seems to be the only one who collab with any male vtubers regularly.
Regis_2 In addition, Regis and Kobo have a very warm older brother / little sister chemistry between them that, whenever they collab, I try to watch their steam, usually from Regis’ point of view since he needs the viewership count more than Kobo.

Regis’ activities

He is predominantly a gamer (FPS mostly) with occasional superchat sessions. At the moment of this entry, he streams almost daily but his average viewership is rather low. But all male vtubers suffer from a far lower viewership than their counterparts.
On a side note, he has a very soft voice. His voice reminds me of a young pastor.