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The insane gamer, Kaela Kovalskia

Kaela Kovalskia is a member of Hololive-ID (Indonesia). She is a rather unique member whose skills are unmatched in her category.

She is a hardcore grinder who’s known to sleep 2 ~ 3 hours a day just to grind. Her live stream has a tendency to go over 7 hours easily, frequently hitting 12 hours. Additionally, she streams daily. In fact, you may see her stream twice a day, like a 7-hour steam in morning and then another 7-hour steam in evening. Basically, she streams all day long.
In her own words, she has found a job she can enjoy. Kaela_1

In spite of this, her sub number is one of the lowest. I believe it is because she is a niche character. Her habit of mixing Indonesian and English doesn’t help, either. She often speaks one half of a sentence in Indonesian and speaks English for the other half of the sentence. She will even throw occasional Japanese and Chinese phases as well. Her comedic sense is also niche and takes some getting-used-to.
Compared to Gwar Gura who is very rounded and likable, Kaela is a rather extreme character. Basically, you either like her or don’t. There is no middle ground for this vtuber.

Despite her flaws though, she is one of the Hololive members I am subscribed to for several reasons.

One, her voice is rather deep. I am not fond of overly high-pitched voices. It hurts my brain if I listen to such a high-pitched voice for hours.

Two, she is low key. You will rarely see her overreact. In a sense, she acts a lot more like a regular human being. Basically, I don’t feel like she is acting behind a screen.

Three, finally, she really is hardcore. Every hololive member has a certain time zone they are active in. This is only obvious. They are humans after all. They wouldn’t stream while they are sleeping.
Kaela is different. She has no timezone. Her steaming schedule is all over the place. I am in Canada, and I see her stream in the morning at 8AM. Then I see her streaming at 4PM sometimes. THEN I see her streaming at 10PM sometimes. Then another at like 3AM.
At the same time, all of her streams are gaming with occasional chatting sessions. Thus, even though she streams a lot and frequently, there is no diversity. Kaela_3