This is Juan, the main character of the game. You will control him and make decisions for him. Depending on your choices, he can become an adventurer or he can fight for his country against a national invasion or even fight against his country.

21 years old at the start of the game.

Sue is pretty much the heorine of the game. She becomes Juan's girlfriend shortly into the game and marries Juan if it is his choice later on. Seemingly carefree, she has some darkside to her due to her lonely upbringing. She starts out as a village hunter and later becomes a professional archer.

22 years old at the start of the game.

Decon is a scholar from Alcella. He is intelligent but sometimes lacks common sense. He is found captured by Red Turban bandits and rescued later on by either Juan or Maco. After that, he tags along with Juan. Depending on Juan's choices, he may leave the party.

29 years old at the start of the game.

Marat is a weapon vendor. Well, she is a weapon seller in Cizna department store. She is under heavy debt when found by Juan. After getting her out of debt, she joins Juan and Co. Depsite of her petite physique, she acts mature and can persuade people a lot better than others.

Age unknown.

Equa is a self-claimed "true-born werewolf". She isn't exactly a werewolf but both of her parents were, inherting full werewolf abilities without much drawbacks of being one. She is a dedicated member of Cryo police and aims to find cure for werewolf curse.

Age 72.

Baba is a mercenary who is initially a caretaker of Ezona mercenary division. As a war breaks out and Eton mercenary guild HQ relocates to Ezona, he is relived of his duty as a caretaker and is asked to assist Juan and Co. He is completely loyal to Leona the guild master.

Age 39.