Two Clusters - Kain arc (TC Kain) is a visual novel based on Two Clusters the novel.

It is a visual novel made with tyranobuilder which is a very easy visual novel engine to deal with. I chose it because of its ease of use. Since I do everything on my own, I did not wish to deal with further headache of going through a steep learning curve with other engines.

TC Kain deals with Two Clusters Kain arc. The game's story and the novel differs here and there however.

At the moment, the game is played only on the website.

How it begins

Kain is a journalist whose company is about to declare bankruptcy. With little money left on his bank account and virtually no way to solve his financial issues, he reluctantly joins United Solar system federation navy.


There isn't really any schedule to meet. The visual novel is released in chapters and that's that. The amount of content will be large, at least two books worth of writing will be there. My 3D skills are also improving as I go, so I can't promise a deadline.

This is also a hobby project with just one person (me) working on it. I do this in my spare time.