My first game was made with RPG Maker MV. Even my second & third games were made with MV. Therefore, naturally, my 4th game was going to be made with MV.

However, RPG Maker MV as an engine has a glaring issue that cannot be fixed due to its nature. It is that the game is way too easy to pirate and export it to other platforms.

The engine offers a basic level of encryption on its assets which can be broken in a matter of minutes. That's fine since, if someone was determined, they'd break in sooner or later. But the issue lies with a fact that the engine asset can easily be exported to another platform.

In my case, I found out that someone took my games and exported them to Android and then added ads inside and claimed them as his own.

That I will not accept. And I quickly dropped RPG Maker MV all together on 2019 September.

At that time, I had already released three games: Bhavacakra, Bhavacakra Grace, and TC: Kain. Sadly, those games were already pirated and are still present on ARK sites with ads embedded.

They are able to get away with such actions because I am an indie dev. I do not have the money to go after them. Asking them to drop the pirated games is futitle since they reupload.

So, that's why I've entirely abandoned RPG Maker MV. It is an easy to use engine but comes with a heavy price.