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Two Clusters - Kain arc

    This is a RPG Maker MV game based on Two Clusters novel Kain arc.

    Game download (Google drive folder)


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Bhavacakra Adventures

    Set 20 years prior original Bhavacakra, this game shows Maco's adventure.

    Game download (Google folder)

    Trading basics | Walk-through

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Two Clusters - Crossroads

    Year is 9614, Jaxx is a member of a pirate gang called “Wounded cats”. His life has been okay. Earning is fair. He has a girlfriend who’s been in a relationship with him for over a decade. There is no pressure to tie the knot.

    Life is merry and well - until a new female member arrives at Wounded cats’ station amid political instability within Solar system.

    She begins to shake his life and Jaxx will have decisions to make. Thus, “crossroads”.

    Game download

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