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  2. Two Clusters - Kain arc
  3. Monday, 13 May 2019
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This patch adds more contents to “Asteroid-666” side mission chain with Ritsuki. This is a post story side mission. This quest chain is not complete. At this point, it's about 25% completed.

You can trigger this mission by talking to her after the story is completed. The place, if you manage to find it early, is available before the mission is triggered but you can’t proceed far into it.

This patch also includes several reported minor bug fixes (2).
Additionally, the walkthrough has been updated.

In addition to “Asteroid-666”, there are several more long side missions in my plan. These are as following.
1. Story of Jaxx & Jessica
2. Instructor Ryan’s request (deep space expedition)
3. Agent Four’s trouble
4. Sonia’s shop of horrors (Aftermath of “Her final journey” mission)

So, despite the story being completed, I’ve still got quite a bit of content to release on this game.
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