☕ Two Clusters - Kain

This is a sci-fi game where the year is set in 9599 and background is our Solar system. The plot is actually a part of my own novel and is a small part of a much bigger world. I have strong lore and stories to back up the game’s world and its settings.

The protagonists are Kain and Suu whose background and briefs are polar opposites but end up on the same path together eventually.
You, as a player, will play both of them from time to time but not both at the same time.

At the beginning of the game, Kain is a poor part-time journalist who is about to lose his job due to severe economic recession on Moon. In order to be able to feed himself, he eventually opts to join Jupiter Navy to restart his life.

Suu comes from a wealthy family and has experienced none of such hardships. She opts to join Jupiter navy instead of Moon navy in order to prove the world a point.

They join Jupiter navy at the same time and work their ways up all the way to the rank of Admiral.

Numerous marriages, betrayals, espionage as well as playing politics. Losing friends and loved ones to wars. Good & bad times.

This is their story.


  1. 720p screen resolution
  2. Sci fi setting. Starting years is 9599
  3. Backed up by strong lore
  4. Spaceship battles (With a possibility of ground battle being added)
  5. Mature and political plot.


This is not a sci-fi-like game. This is a full sci-fi game full of its own lore. Planets, governments, spaceships, they are all custom and have their own history.