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  2. G&G : Grace & Gallium
  3. Friday, 09 March 2018
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G&G: Grace & Gallium is going to be my first adult-theme game. This is a sexually explicit game.

How to download
Simply grab it from my google drive folder. You will probably want the latest version. - Download

Patch notes

How the game begins:

Grace is a wind mage and a mercenary who is hired to protect a small village of Darem. A failure to protect villagers from a small scale goblin attack prompts village chieftain to hire another mercenary, Gallium.

The premiere of the game
My main goal of the game is to have a decent game play elements while featuring adults materials. Therefore, the game's focus isn't entirely on sex.
Additionally, the main character isn't an innocent, clueless, girl to begin with.



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