☕ Two Clusters - Kain

Kain is a poor part-time journalist who is about to lose his job due to severe economic recession on Moon. In order to be able to feed himself, he eventually opts to join Jupiter Navy to restart his life. This was his the last resort before becoming a homeless.

All he desired by joining the navy was just being able to feed himself. However, he soon finds himself involved in unexpected events which propels into an unexpected position of Uranus outpost administrator.


  1. 720p screen resolution
  2. Sci fi setting. Starting years is 9599
  3. Backed up by strong lore
  4. Ground & space combat
  5. Mature and political plot.


This is not a sci-fi-like game. This is a full sci-fi game full of its own lore. Planets, governments, spaceships, they are all custom and have their own history.