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  3. Wednesday, 15 November 2017
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Patch note version 0.0.6

Restarting game is required due to me adding a Mog hud plugin. This is for ship supply consumption and later station management feature.

1. I’ve expanded space sectors you can sail in. Jupiter → Saturn → Uranus route have been established along with its BGMs. Animated space beacons have been added to guide you through seemingly large and empty space.

2. Above update adds two destinations. One is Saturn. The other is Uranus outpost. The latter will be worked on immediately but visiting Saturn will be locked out for a while. Story wise, Kain won’t be visiting there for a long while. I wish I could enable Saturn but I need to create entirely different artworks for that place.

3. There are five space sector security levels. The explanation is long, so I will simply refer to a PDF file I’ve drafted up.

4. Hostile NPC encounter is added to sectors with low enough security. Don’t expect to win those though, yet.

5. Space supply has been enabled. This is basically attrition.

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