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  3. Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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Patch note version 0.0.9

Nothing much changed in terms of game content but there is a major change in art: I’ve started implementing my own character sprites.
This wasn’t in my original plan but I was having harder time creating more variants in sprites due to limited number of templates available to me. Pose was also an issue.

What this ultimately means is that I am basically creating almost all art assets for this game. Bad news about this is that this really slows me down because creating a new sprite takes 30 minutes to an hour usually. Good news is that I can create any pose, clothes, hair styles, I want.
The new sprites look slightly awkward to me but it will probably improve as I earn more know-how.

1. Restart is, again, required. I am sorry.

2. I’ve been replacing existing sprites with my own which took most of my spare time. Currently, about one third has been replaced with new sprites.

3. Interior of Kain’s cruiser is being worked on. It will take several patches to complete it.

4. There are two kind of companions in the game. One’s for space; they are called captains. Another is for ground; marines. Now, marines have sub-variants such as engineers, medic, and whatnot. The first marine companion, Ragnar, is added to the list of Kain’s crew. His sprite and battle sprites are fully complete while Kain’s isn’t.

5. Make sure you talk to Samuel once Kain gets his cruiser to receive a transmitter. This item is what you use to call marines and others to your side on ground battles.

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