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  3. Monday, 25 December 2017
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Patch note version 0.1.1
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This patch is mostly about adding content to the game. It adds about an hour of gameplay.

1. Corrected a bug where you’d get a game end screen if Kain was K.O.ed when trying to return to space from Pluto surface.

2. Added “Zero gravity cooking” quest which adds a chef to Kain’s vessel. Welcome aboard, Imari. This quest begins from a crew on cafeteria of Kain’s cruiser.

3. “SOS received” mission added to Uranus outpost.

4. Margaret’s CG has been re-rendered. She’s got a new shirt.

5. I’ve added a rogue mining station in Pluto zone. It is literally a dungeon for exp and loot. It’s not finished.

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