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  2. Two Clusters - Kain
  3. Saturday, 24 February 2018
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Two Clusters now has its official logo. The main screen has been altered to reflect that change.

This update also adds first machinery enemies which are weak to EM damage. Machinery companion is also planned.

Some of game’s features were bugged out by MV’s 1.6 release. I believe all have been corrected.

1. A mission “The obvious trap” has been added. It starts on Pluto settlement. This mission will allow Four to join Kain. 4 is an undercover ESP who can join Kain on ground combat enabled zones. Slightly kinky as well.

2. The obvious trap mission also introduces “Blackmen” faction on Pluto. They are organ thieves. There will be more stories against/with them in the future. Pluto settlement has also expanded more.

3. All sprites have been replaced finally.

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