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  3. Thursday, 08 March 2018
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Patch note version 0.1.7 - Download

More content update. Meanwhile, an annoying bug has been found. I’ve tracked down a bug where Kain gets all of his equipment removed when he learns a new skill or talk to shop keepers. It took me hours to reduce the chance of it occurring, but it’s not completely removed. Even locked/sealed slot gets emptied and it’s been proving to be really a pain in you-know-where.

1. Mild walk-around for the nasty bug has been implemented. I am hoping future plugin update will solve this. If not, a complete walk-around may be required.

2. Navy mission “Escort business” has been added to Uranus mission control.

3. Navy mission “Messenger” has been added. Upon completing three navy missions, the story will slightly move forward and Margaret will leave the party to get her own cruiser.

4. Skill cost in general has been adjusted along with additions of new skills. Some more new icons are in as well.

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