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  3. Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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Patch note version 0.2.0 - Download

The bug I mentioned in 0.1.7 patch note still exists although the chance of occurring is much lower now. Regardless, the game must go on.
Meanwhile, I did create a workaround. It’d require a restart and some major rework of core game mechanics but a solution is here. I haven’t implemented yet because I prefer the current system. If the bug still persists, I will implement the workaround.

1. Navy mission “A sign of troubles” added which will advance the time and make Margaret available with her cruiser. Suu will also show up. This mission also adds another new zone “Borderzone Alpha”.

2. Earth zone has been added which features Earth as well as Moon. Kain can land on neither right now.

3. The bridge on Kain’s cruiser is complete. It was missing the screen.

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