Cecil 📛Cecil Klisis
🗓️Birth year: 8177 AC
🩰Height: 176cm
🧑‍🎓Class: ESP class S


Born on 8177 from parents of both class S ESPs, Cecil proved to be the most powerful ESP in the universe as well as the history.

Not only that, he also proved to be the most controversial person. He wasn't afraid of making blunt comments and wasn't afraid to kill people, boldly stating that he was above the laws. In fact, his kill count by time his disappearance from the society mounted to over 3 millions.

He began his political career with president-elect Mirren. Having served as his top advisor for hundreds of years, he saw Mirren's downfall as well as his eventual assassination.

On year 9599, he chose not to succeed him and went to Venus and declared unilateral independence. His unilateral independence was successful due to Mars declaring unilateral independence as well. This event also saw Venus turning into dictatorship from democracy which was a feat on its own. Venus would soon become more powerful than United Sol itself.

United Sol could ever recover from this loss and Cecil eventually destroyed United Sol on year 9670.

As for personality, he was a reticent person with extreme, off the chart, intelligence and wisdom. This allowed him to manipulate others beyond what one can even imagine and was able to foresee events hundred years into the future. He was also known for a rather feminine appearance. He wasn’t exactly pretty or beautiful. He rather had a mysterious attractiveness.

While he was classified as a tyrant because quite frankly he was, he listened to those within his inner circle, listened to needs of minor factions, and showed mercy and compassion for those he felt deserved.

However, because his personal deeds were so controversial, he was simply branded as a tyrant. Regardless, many people held Cecil as their idol in secret for doing what they could only dream of doing.

Cecil, due to his blood curse, was an immortal. Cecil_2