Juun 📛Juun, the White knight
🗓️Birth year: 9466 AC
🩰Height: 187cm
🧑‍🎓Class: Hyper human class S


He was born in a middle class family on New Earth on AC 9466. He was the only child. Unfortunately, his family was a broken one, and he suffered from it mentally.

He matured quickly and sued his own parents in his teenage years to get out of the cage. He was supposed to go to an orphanage afterwards but vanished without a trace.

It was revealed much later that he had become an agent of Andromeda union at the youngest age. He built a very impressive record until he was recruited into the Knights at which point it was revealed that he was a class S hyper human.

He would go on to become an irreplaceable member of the Knights until the Knight themselves would be hunted down on an accusation of treason. Everyone but Juun was caught and executed.

He would later be spotted at Freedom colony. It was unknown how he passed but he was well over 1,200 years old when last seen.

His tendency to wear a beige suit would earn him the nickname of the White knight. He would never be defeated by anyone in his entire life.

Personality wise, he was a stoic person. He wasn’t someone who’d make any jokes. He wasn’t exactly an introvert but not an extrovert, either. He had a tendency to avoid spotlights which was easier to be said than done due to his striking handsomeness. Many women approached him but to no avail.