Kain 📛Name: Kain
🗓️Birth year: 9573 AC
🩰Height: 178cm


His rise to fame is a curious one. He hailed from Luna and was originally a freelancer journalist. deep economic recession forced him to join Jupiter navy just to feed himself.

He showed qualities as a leader almost right away and was soon promoted to a commodore and took charge of Uranus outpost.

His common root coupled with his leadership began to attract migrants from Luna to flock into Uranus outpost which would have its status upgraded to a space colony.

Unfortunately, his downfall could not be prevented as hapless United Sol house continued to make wrong decisions while being invaded by Andromeda union four times. He pretty much stood alone and repelled the invasion four times, perishing on the fourth, and final, invasion on year 9662.

During his life, he married twice, the first to Ritsuki Maeka. After her death, he married Magenta Bau. No children was born from either woman.

He was known for his easy-going attitude.