Sae 📛Sae, the Witch
🗓️Birth year: 8704 AC
🩰Height: 145cm
🧑‍🎓Class: Hybrid class S


Born from a famed courtesan who ran a brothel called “Moasic passion” on New Earth, Sae lived a life of a prostitute from a very early age, 7 in fact.

Being a good prostitute even at that age, she earned her mother’s ire as she feared that Sae might take over her position which ultimately led her mother to hire thugs to take her out.

She was in fact successfully murdered. However, Cecil revived her and turned her into a sort of an immortal where her growth stopped, leaving her appearance that of a pre-teen permanently.

Her chaotic childhood made her become a very erratic character who was borderline insane. She was known to kill people at whim and would laugh and cry at the same time.

She was a wanted person in both United Sol and Andromeda republic for assassinations and murders but was never caught simply because no one could contain her.

She worked exclusively for Freedom colony under Lila (AKA Lilicious). When Lila left the colony, so did she until Lila’s death at which point she vanished from the society.

There was no record of her death and, even in UC 13000, there were claims that she was spotted.