◊ The Origin and beginning


According to Earth archive, the founder of the Bau was a rich and famed Chinese-American entrepreneur. How he formed the clan exactly wasn’t recorded.

The Bau was the oldest clan in Two Clusters with its first historical record dating back to year 2900s. Its first historical record indicated that it acquired large pieces of lands and claimed it owned 10% of Earth surface.

Later records claimed more and more acquisitions. And a record on year 3131 declared that the Bau had owned 90% of Earth surface, including the sea. Subsequently, the Bau became a force to be reckoned with, and political dominance followed soon after.

◊ Clan structure and policy

It was the Bau who began the concept of insiders and outsiders. Insiders were direct descendant and outsiders were spouses of insiders; at least that was how insiders and outsiders were defined at first. Over thousands of years, the reality changed as outsiders often had a blood connection to insiders.

Only clan insiders were allowed to become councilors and headman which stood true for most of clans found in Two Clusters.
Due to the Bau’s powerful dominance over Earth, the clan was able to avoid being taxed. And the clan taxed its members. In essence, the Bau was basically a nation.

The Bau employed a strong policy of “We care only about ourselves”, and therefore, there were clear discrimination against non-Bau. Non-Bau living on Earth were taxed more and weren’t generally given better career opportunities. The clan progressively migrated non-Bau to Moon. Few smaller clans were either forced to be absorbed or became vassalized.

◊ Their last missing piece to complete dominance

In the history of the Bau, they had never managed to acquire a class S ESP / Hyper human which ultimately hindered their efforts to complete dominance over clusters. Their continued failure to completely dominate the Solar system was their lack of a spear head figure.

Therefore, they actively sought out ways to convert a class S ESP / Hyper human into their clan but all of their efforts bore no fruit. Their primary target was Cecil Klisis who they eventually gave up after determining that Cecil could not be tamed. Their second target was Masu but his firm loyalty to the Dietrich meant he wasn’t going to convert no matter what.
Their third target was Ssilen who Cecil took away from them.

◊ Clan conflicts and downfall

The clan underwent many internal conflicts between year 8500 ~ 9000. The conflicts were so frequent and deadly that some feared the Bau would fall. However, Masu’s involvement and efforts ensured the clan’s survival for extra several hundreds of years.

The clan eventually fell on year 9670 when Cecil declared a war on United Sol. Earth was subsequently bombarded and United Sol was destroyed, thus ending the Bau.

Many agreed that the clan’s eventual downfall on year 9670 was due to their internal policy of heavy discrimination. People grew too discontent to care about the Bau in its final days and United Sol became too disjoint.

Earth bombardment, ordered by Cecil himself, caused more than 90% of Earth population to perish (Nine hundred millions out of a billion population). After the initial bombardment, Cecil demanded remaining Bau members to abandon their last name.

Thus, the clan fell.