◊ The origin


Earth archive did not hold creditable, certified, records of the origin of this clan.
However, the clan officials claimed that they were of Mongolian origin with mix of blood from Russia, China, and Korea. They also claimed that they were one of the oldest surviving clan, even older than the Bau itself. But with their weak influence, they were quickly vassalized by the Bau when they conquered Earth.
For most of their history, they lived a suppressed and silent life.

◊ A chance that arrived after more than 7,000 years

It wasn’t until Eran Gro was born that the clan had a chance to shine. For most of their history, they were more of a forgotten clan. They were so weak that the Bau gave them a tiny isle in middle of Pacific Ocean and had forgotten about them.
Eran Gro was a class S hyper human. His birth shocked the clan hard. The clan quickly became split. Pro-Gro side wanted to keep him somehow. And the others wanted to sell him to the Bau and hopefully gain a reward in return, perhaps a better land or better recognition.

In the end, the clan decided to send him off Earth in secret. His birth was secret and his whole existence had been kept secret by the clan. When they decided not to sell him to the Bau, it was decided to send him off to the wilderness when he came out of age.
The clan lamented the fact that they had no choice but to send him off. However, their decision to set him free paid dividend in less than a hundred years.

When United Sol fell and Earth was about to be bombarded on year 9670, Cecil allowed the Gro to relocate to Mars upon Eran’s request. The Dietrich no had issue with this as they were suffering from lack of manpower.

◊ Eran Gro, the Black Knight

When he was set free by his clan and was sent off Earth in secret, he went to Mars because his admiration toward Masu the sage. He quickly climbed the chain of command on Mars and became an admiral, becoming an indispensable officer of Mars government. He eventually became known as the Black knight due to his unique, signature, black blade and black dressing code.

He also married Grace Flag. The Flag was an illegal last name.

◊ Taking over Mars

When the Dietrich became extinct by year 9999, Eran Gro took over Mars with full support from the Gro. The clan had proven itself to be hard workers and there was virtually no resistance when they took over the planet.

The Gro would then become the dominant clan on Mars and took over the Miners Guild which the Dietrich once ruled. This event also made Eran Gro the headman of the Gro.
The Gro soon entered its golden era on Mars and became a powerful clan.

◊ Notable people from the Gro

The Gro did not have many famous people. Eran Gro was pretty much the only one. However, Eran Gro’s children, 3 sons and 2 daughters with Grace F. Gro, were renowned for their fair behaviors and tight cooperation with each other.

◊ Clan structure

When it came to rules and structures, the Gro was fairly loose. This was due to them having been a mere vassal clan for most of their history. There was no clear discrimination between insiders and outsiders. Still, outsiders weren’t allowed to become councilors and headman.

◊ A branch clan: The Flag

Grace F. Gro wanted to create a branch clan within the Gro. Grace’s maiden last name was an illegal name and she wanted to legalize the name which Eran showed no objection to.
Grace asked one of her sons and all of her daughters to take on a branch clan last name “Flag” and that was how a new clan, the Flag, was created.